Me & Henry: Timeless Elegance for Boys at Liberty Roe

Discover the essence of classic and modern style with Me & Henry, available at Liberty Roe. As Charleston's premier destination for distinguished boys' clothing, we proudly present Me & Henry, a brand that beautifully blends traditional elegance with contemporary fashion for boys aged 0-16 years and their fathers.

Me & Henry, conceived in 2018 by Mark Jeynes, is inspired by an era where dressing up was an art. Mark saw a gap in the market for timeless, well-made boys’ clothing and filled it with Me & Henry’s unique European-inspired designs. The brand is celebrated for its high-quality fabrics and classic styles with a modern twist, making it a favorite in over 800 boutiques across North America, including renowned stores like SAKS and Nordstrom.

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Why Choose Me & Henry at Liberty Roe?

  • Classic with a Contemporary Edge

    Offering a blend of timeless styles and modern designs, Me & Henry is perfect for smart occasions, casual play, or school days.

  • Exquisite Fabrics and Textures

    Each piece is crafted with attention to comfort and durability, featuring beautiful textures and muted colors.

  • Father-Son Matching Outfits

    The him+henry range allows fathers and sons to enjoy stylish matching outfits, creating special memories and picture-perfect moments.

  • European Aesthetic and Design

    Designed in London, Me & Henry's collection exudes European sophistication, making every young lad look dapper and distinguished.

Collection Highlights:

Bestselling Designs

Embracing classic shapes and designs that every young gentleman would adore.

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European Elegance

Each garment, with its European flair, offers an air of sophistication for the young modern man.

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Me & Henry at Liberty Roe is not just about clothing; it's about embracing a lifestyle of elegance and charm. Visit us to explore a collection where every garment narrates a story of style, tradition, and youthful sophistication. Let your little one make a statement in Me & Henry – where fashion is an adventure in elegance.