Vignette: Charming and Quality Clothing for Every Girl at Liberty Roe

Welcome to the enchanting collection of Vignette at Liberty Roe, where every garment is a blend of beauty, quality, and comfort. As Charleston's beloved destination for children's fashion, Liberty Roe is delighted to feature Vignette, a brand that creates charming clothing for girls that aspire to be strong, intelligent, and independent.

Vignette is more than just a clothing brand; it's a celebration of girlhood. Born from a desire to dress daughters in clothing that mirrors their strength and dreams, Vignette offers a range of dresses, rompers, and more that combine sweet design sensibility with effortless wearability. Their inspiration comes from the ambition to raise girls to be feisty, confident, and capable of achieving their dreams.

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  • Affordable Elegance

    Vignette provides beautiful clothing at great price points, making style accessible without compromising on quality.

  • Comfort Meets Style

    Designed with both aesthetics and comfort in mind, Vignette's pieces are perfect for play, special occasions, and everyday wear.

  • Empowering Designs

    Collection is inspired by the vision of raising empowered and confident girls, reflected in the strong and spirited designs.

  • Quality You Can Trust

    At Liberty Roe, we are committed to offering brands that align with our values of quality and sustainability, and Vignette is a perfect example of this dedication.

Fashion with a Mission:

Inspired by Daughters

Vignette's designs are driven by the goal of empowering young girls.

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Ease of Wear

Clothing that allows for freedom of movement and is easy to care for.

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Range of Styles

From playful rompers to elegant dresses, there's something for every little girl's wardrobe.

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Vignette at Liberty Roe is where fashion meets inspiration. Visit us in-store or online to discover a world where every piece of clothing encourages girls to be their best selves, in style and confidence. Dress your little ones in Vignette – where each garment is a testament to the beauty of girlhood.