Piggy Paint: Safe and Fun Nail Polish for Kids at Liberty Roe

Piggy Paint is known for its non-toxic, water-based nail polish that's safe for all ages, including children. The brand emphasizes safety and a worry-free experience, with products that are odorless, cruelty-free, vegan, and free of harsh chemicals. Piggy Paint's founder, Melanie Hurley, was inspired to create safer nail polish alternatives after concerns about conventional polishes' chemical content. The brand aligns with ethical and eco-minded values, striving to offer the safest polish on the planet while being fun and worry-free.

Embrace the joy and safety of Piggy Paint nail polish at Liberty Roe, where we bring you a child-friendly, worry-free way to add color to little fingers and toes. Perfect for families seeking non-toxic beauty solutions, Piggy Paint is as gentle as it is fun.

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Our Piggy Paint Collection

Liberty Roe's selection of Piggy Paint includes a variety of vibrant and playful colors. These polishes are water-based, virtually odorless, and dry to a hard, durable finish. Safe for children of all ages, they provide a fantastic way to enjoy a bit of pampering without the worry.

Piggy Paint also offers a line called Rock the Locks, featuring hair care products and accessories for kids. These products, like their nail polishes, emphasize safety and fun. Rock the Locks includes items such as hair detangler, shampoo, conditioner, and hair spray, all designed with children's needs in mind. They are infused with essential oils and are free from harsh chemicals, making them suitable for kids' sensitive skin and hair. This line extends the brand's commitment to safe, child-friendly beauty products beyond nail care.

Alongside their popular nail polishes and hair care line, Piggy Paint also delights with a collection of charming accessories, all available at Liberty Roe. These accessories, perfect for enhancing any child's beauty routine, range from playful nail art stickers to practical pedicure sets. Reflecting Piggy Paint's commitment to safety and fun, each item is designed with non-toxic, child-friendly materials. Liberty Roe is proud to offer these delightful additions, ensuring a complete, safe, and creative beauty experience for your little ones.

  • Non-Toxic and Safe

    ree from harsh chemicals, making them perfect for kids and those with sensitivities.

  • Eco-Friendly

    Committed to safety and sustainability, Piggy Paint is an eco-conscious choice.

  • Fun Colors and Names

    Bright, cheerful colors with fun names that kids will love.

  • Easy to Use

    Quick to apply and dry, Piggy Paint is ideal for little ones who can't sit still for long.

A Perfect Match for Liberty Roe

At Liberty Roe, we're proud to offer Piggy Paint, aligning with our dedication to safe, family-friendly products. As a store founded by a mother of eight, we understand the importance of safe, fun, and quality products for children.

Liberty Roe invites you to explore the world of Piggy Paint, where safety and fun come together in every bottle. Perfect for playdates, parties, or just a day of pampering at home.