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Liberty Roe

Woodford Mint Julep Cocktail Syrup (2 oz)

Woodford Mint Julep Cocktail Syrup (2 oz)

Whether celebrating the Kentucky Derby in traditional fashion or simply crafting a southern-inspired cocktail, bring revolutionary flavor to your drinks with this Woodford Reserve mint julep syrup. Made from raw demerara sugar and fresh spearmint to provide a rich, minty flavor, this simple syrup was born to take your high-quality drink to new aromatic heights and accentuate its authentic taste. Use to craft a proper mint julep, along with muddled mint, crushed ice, and your patron's favorite bourbon, or spice the classic cocktail up with the addition of jalapenos, fruit, or basil. You can even use this simple syrup to create full-bodied mojitos, or add new depth to your iced teas, and fresh-squeezed lemonades!

This rich simple syrup consists of a 2 parts demerara sugar to 1 part water ratio; the demerara sugar's presence lends warm, caramel notes for a more refined sweetness when compared to traditional simple syrup. Plus, this simple syrup's mint-infusion packs a fresh, crisp taste that brings your beverages to that next desired level. Packaged in a 2 fl. oz. glass bottle that proudly displays the Woodford Reserve logo, this simple syrup provides attractive shelf presence in your bar, lounge, or tavern, so your customers will instantly know they are being served a high quality drink.

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